torsdag 19 september 2013

A/W-13 MOOD.

1. scarlett johansson/pinterest.
2. origami pillow.
3. vineetkaur tumblr.
4. A/W 13/pinterest.
5. menu.
6. envers du dekor.
7. michael verheyden.
8. nike.

parts of my A/W mood 2013.

please save me from my kids right now.
mio has a cold.
aston wanted to stay home as well.
they fight, cry, scream and annoy me all day long :).
and i who was so in love with my kids yesterday.
today i want to escape them asap :).


i hope it will be much better tomorrow.
or else i will develop some weird tics.
and many grey hairs.

tack för ni tävlar förresten!


1 kommentar:

  1. Pssst. Delta i vår tävling på Hitta Hem med din Höst mood! Sista dagen idag! :) Kramar o ha en fin fredag!