söndag 19 augusti 2012

this week.

i start work again after summer vacation.
i look pretty sad right :)?
but its the outfit.
it can make anybody sad :).
work = stomach ache and back pain.
here i lay on the floor in agony instagraming a pile of magazines.
looove magazines!
the lamp hektar from ikea moves into astons room.
and it works out great as a reading light.
a LED-light and it will not get warm.
it is hot and we have to eat ice cream to cool of.
länna möbler delivers hay´s display me shelfs.
and i´m very satisfied!
all we need now is a geneva sound system in white to "decorate" the new shelfs :).
the perfect shelfs for a person who likes to move stuff around a lot.
i can´t get enough interior inspiration so i read elle decoration while sun bathing in the garden.
life can be so good :)!
the kids cool of with soya ice cream and colorful sprinkles.
......and in sprinkling water :).

all pics via my instagram.

just nu börjar jag svalna.
kidsen sover och vi ska mysa ner i soffan.
jag kan inte sluta tänka på ett beslut vi tog häromdagen.
jag bara funderar och längtar.
längtar lite till och har redan skapat en fin mapp på skrivbordet.
fylld enbart med inspiration till beslutet.
men vad det är får ni veta en annan dag :).

njut kvällen//jennifer

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